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Electricity Price History

Obviously electricity price history hasn't a huge effect on future prices, mainly because the UK has started to rely a lot more on imports from other countries. It follows that we are not in such a good position to influence our prices if we aren't producing our own gas to produce the electricity. Gas prices have recently gone higher and higher until recently it has reached a record high of around 140 US$/bbl1.
If prices continue to reach this level the wholesale gas prices in the UK could move between approximately 70 ppth (pence per therm) in the summer and 110 ppth in the winter. This is a huge difference from a few years ago when prices have been in the 30-50ppth range.

The Finance House - Electricity Broker

Electricity prices have gone up. Both British Gas and Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) put up tariffs in December, and other major energy providers may follow suit soon.

The companies have blamed a 25% increase in wholesale costs last year. But did wholesale prices go up? And how does the wholesale price relate to the figure on your electricity bill?

Is just blaming the wholesale price justified?


Business Electricity prices

We offer a full tendering service for all types of electricity supply ranging from small profiles to larger half hourly meters and have specialist buyers for all businesses.

Our Solution

At The Finance House we provide a hassle free energy management service. We act like an insurance broker, finding you the best prices available. We are completely independent and work with all the major gas and electricity suppliers in the country. Impartial advice and a professionally managed service.

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“One mistake that businesses commonly make is to wait until the last minute before looking for a new energy Supply deal, most fixed price contracts require several months notice of termination….. so it pays to plan ahead”
Sunday Times

‘With so many businesses falling into the unfair ‘rollover trap’ it is essential that companies should look to outsource their energy provisioning to impartial experienced brokers who can manage their energy needs’

Bedford Borough council had budgeted an extra 20% for energy price increases, only to find that its gas costs had risen 83% and electricity by 55%.