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Why have a Smart Meter?

Business energy prices have risen by 58% since 2010. 

How do smart meters work?

Using an internet service SME business customers can see real-time figures showing the amount of energy they are using via an online dashboard. This shows hourly, daily, weekly and monthly electricity usage.

Smart meters transmit a signal, in the same way a mobile phone does, to automatically send your meter reading. You only pay for the electricity you use because accurate readings are used directly from your smart meter. And you can Save time because you don't have to submit a reading or organise visits for meter readings.

However, that's only the start. Being a smart enabled customer means you'll be ready for the future when your smart meter can show you other ways to save. Depending on your energy consumption, you can get online access to valuable data about your current usage patterns, so you can see how and when your business uses energy and identify any trends and ways to save energy.

For example, if your business uses more energy overnight then it may be better to move to a different tariff.

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5 Steps you must Take to avoid the Roll Over Trap!
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“One mistake that businesses commonly make is to wait until the last minute before looking for a new energy Supply deal, most fixed price contracts require several months notice of termination….. so it pays to plan ahead”
Sunday Times

‘With so many businesses falling into the unfair ‘rollover trap’ it is essential that companies should look to outsource their energy provisioning to impartial experienced brokers who can manage their energy needs’

Bedford Borough council had budgeted an extra 20% for energy price increases, only to find that its gas costs had risen 83% and electricity by 55%.