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With Telecoms now being a major cost in all Businesses it is important you choose the right supplier.

What we do

We offer the complete range of telecommunication solutions ranging from inbound calls to outbound call and mobiles. Having access to all the major carriers in the UK we can offer huge reductions in your telephony costs.

We specialises in reducing operational overheads.

There is no charge for our service. Our fees are charged to the selected vendor.

The Finance House - Telecoms

Our expertise and experience covers most aspects of communications and consequently enables us to build strong relationships with most of the leading telecoms companies.


At The Finance House we provide a hassle free Telecoms management service. We act like an insurance broker, finding you the best prices available. We are completely independent and work with all the major telecoms suppliers in the country. Impartial advice and a professionally managed service.

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5 Steps you must Take to avoid the Roll Over Trap!
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“One mistake that businesses commonly make is to wait until the last minute before looking for a new energy Supply deal, most fixed price contracts require several months notice of termination….. so it pays to plan ahead”
Sunday Times

‘With so many businesses falling into the unfair ‘rollover trap’ it is essential that companies should look to outsource their energy provisioning to impartial experienced brokers who can manage their energy needs’

Bedford Borough council had budgeted an extra 20% for energy price increases, only to find that its gas costs had risen 83% and electricity by 55%.