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The Business Energy Process

It doesn't get any simpler using our Energy Broker Service

Getting Started

Step 1 - Engaging Our Services

To begin using our services you simply have to sign our standard Letter Of Authority (LOA) that gives us authority to request information about you from your current suppliers. This does not give us authority to place you in a contract it merely fulfils Data Protection requirements when requesting information and allows us to place a termination notice with your supplier on your behalf that simply gives you the right to leave them once your current contract expires. This is known as a termination notice and is standard industry practice to stop you automatically rolling over onto much higher prices.
The only other thing we require at this stage is a copy of your latest bills for all the products that you wish us to look at

If you are ready to go and don't need to speak to anyone. you can download a Letter of Authority here.   Just print it off on headed paper (if you have any) fill it in and send it back with you last bill or bills. We only need one letter no matter how many meters you have. You can send it by post, Fax or Email (scanned). Details here.

That's your bit done for now! Just wait and let us get on with it. We will keep you informed at all times what is happening.

Step 2 - Information Gathering

We then take the information you have given us, register you on our systems and request contractual status and usage from your current suppliers to enable us to profile your requirements in detail. Once we have established your contractual status on all your contracts we schedule your renewals in our system to begin pricing around three months before the end of your current contract. We will cancel your contract if you have one at the correct time so that you are able to obtain better prices and not get caught in the rollover trap. 

Step 3 - Tendering For Prices

When your contracts are coming to an end we will automatically begin the tendering process on your behalf. A detailed comparison report will be produced providing all options available to you. You then have the choice of which (if any) of the solutions we have provided you wish to take up. You are kept informed at all stages to ensure you are aware of the progress of your contract without impacting on your valuable time.
We will send you a contract with the supplier we recommend, it you wish to go ahead you just have to sign and return it. We will arrange the change over so you still don't have to do anything.

It is as simple as that, a free, without obligation service that manages all your energy costs. What do you have to lose?

At The Finance House we provide a hassle free energy management service. We act like an insurance broker, finding you the best prices available. We are completely independent and work with all the major gas and electricity suppliers in the country. Impartial advice and a professionally managed service.

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5 Steps you must Take to avoid the Roll Over Trap!
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“One mistake that businesses commonly make is to wait until the last minute before looking for a new energy Supply deal, most fixed price contracts require several months notice of termination….. so it pays to plan ahead”
Sunday Times

‘With so many businesses falling into the unfair ‘rollover trap’ it is essential that companies should look to outsource their energy provisioning to impartial experienced brokers who can manage their energy needs’

Bedford Borough council had budgeted an extra 20% for energy price increases, only to find that its gas costs had risen 83% and electricity by 55%.